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Jonathan Curtis Hall
Kate Hall
emotible (ē-mo-tĭ-bəl) an emoticon-inspired character that brings color and expression to otherwise colorless or expressionless things

Emotibles are the brainchild of husband-and-wife designer duo Jonathan and Kate Hall. Famous for appearing as the world's first iPod earphone charms (aka Emotibuds), Emotibles have gained a loyal following of young and indie-minded consumers who value self-expression and good design.

The Halls first dreamed up their flagship product in 2005 as a way to snazz up those boring, everywhere-ad-nauseam iPod earbuds. They drew up a gazillion clingy creatures, but settled on the Emotibles for their simplicity and awesomeness.

Emotibles have since taken on a life of their own, with customers and friends designing their own ever awesomer Emotibles characters using the tools on our Web site. The mission of Emotibles.com is to provide folks the means to be strangely expressive everywhere they go, thus adding to the net fun and intrigue in the world.

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