Global Emotibles Index

The Global Emotibles Index (GEI) is a monthly snapshot indicator of the current emotional well-being of the entire human race. Based on the collective input of thousands of users across all of the world's populations, the GEI fluctuates according to our moods.

Specifically, the GEI varies up or down from a neutral value of zero by the average intensity value of Emotibles characters created during a given month on In other words, if folks design lots of "Cranky" and "Annoyed" Emotibles using our create page, the GEI is driven down. If folks design lots of "Zippy" and "Ecstatic" Emotibles, the GEI goes up. The GEI is therefore a proxy for global happiness.

GEI = 0
Month of April 2022
IntensityNumber of Emotibles
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